The Best Songs to Rock Out To In Rock Band Games

If you’re a fan of rhythm games, chances are you’ve played one of the many Rock Band titles. With an extensive library of tracks from all kinds of genres, there’s no shortage of songs for players to rock out to. But which songs stand out as the best? Let’s take a look at some of the greatest tunes in the history of Rock Band.

“Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd (Rock Band 2)

This classic southern rock anthem has been covered and performed countless times over the years, but playing it in Rock Band 2 is something else entirely. It may be long at over nine minutes, but if you can manage to make it through with a full band and five stars, you’ll have earned your bragging rights!

“Enter Sandman – Metallica (Rock Band 3)

One of Metallica’s most recognizable hits is playable in Rock Band 3 and it doesn’t disappoint. While this song is considered one of the easier ones on guitar in the game, it can still provide quite a challenge for other instruments!

“Paranoid – Black Sabbath (Rock Band)

Nothing says rock n roll like Paranoid by Black Sabbath and playing it in Rock Band will have you feeling like a true rock star. This track has plenty of solos that will test your coordination skills and test your limits as a musician!

“Barracuda – Heart (Rock Revolution)

Barracuda is a staple song for any music enthusiast and it’s just as fun to play on Rock Revolution as it is to listen to! It features fantastic guitar riffs along with amazing vocal lines that will keep you entertained for hours on end! Plus, it’s hilariously easy on drums so even beginners can join in on the fun!

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Whether you’re an experienced musician or someone who just likes to jam out once in a while, these four songs are sure to bring some excitement into your gaming sessions. So grab your instrument controllers and get ready to rock out with these classic tunes from some legendary bands! With these amazing tracks at your fingertips, there won’t be any shortage of fun when you fire up your copy of Rock Band or Rock Revolution!

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